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Air & Nitrox

We offer Air Fills, Equipment Servicing, and Dive Tours (discover local diving)!

Air Fills & Nitrox Fills

Our compressor and banked air is tested quarterly to the highest standard for SCUBA diving air–Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Standard G-7.1-2004 Grade E(2) for oxygen compatible air.  This means that ALL of our fills are hyper-clean air, at no extra cost to you.

On the way to your next dive, stop by Aquarius Dive Shop for all of your air and Nitrox fills. Our friendly staff can fill your tanks while you wait. We have large capacity banks for both air and Nitrox 32, so can fill on demand.  Our Nitrox fill station uses pre-blended enriched air, eliminating the need for oxygen-cleaned tanks.  We can fill high pressure tanks (up to 3500 psi). We also have Argon available for those wishing to use it as an insulative gas.

If you want a Nitrox fill which is above 32% Oxygen, we can fill it using a partial pressure blend, provided your tank is oxygen cleaned.

Fill Prices
Air fills $6
Air Fill Card (10 Fills) $50
Nitrox Fills–32% $14
Nitrox Fill Cards (10 Fills–32%) $110
Nitrox Fills–36 $16
SCBA Fills $10