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Dive Conditions & More

Monterey Bay Swell Conditions

Dive Conditions

Weather conditions can change rapidly, so call our Dive Conditions Line at 831-657-1020 to hear the latest updates we have received from local divers. Below are some weather links to help you determine the dive conditions.

Please note that we do not have control over the pages for which we have links below.  If you find a link that is not working, please send us email to that effect and we will try to find how the display has been reorganized so that we can post a new link to it.   

Dive Sites

Divers from around the world come to this National Marine Sanctuary to enjoy the magic of the kelp forests and the life they support. Seals, otters and sea lions play in the colorful shallows and may even accompany you on your dive. Rockfish grouper and lingcod peer at you from the rocky reefs while starfish carpet the floor and nudibranchs and abalone accent the menagerie.  Our waters are nutrient-rich due to upwelling and the water temperature at diving depths is between about 48-52 degrees F (approx 10 degrees C) all year round.

There are many different places to go diving right from shore.  Following are links to some of our favorite guides to these great sites and to learn about their conditions:

If you need help finding your way around at Point Lobos, the BAUE Point Lobos Trail Map gives some good pointers on finding your way to some of the close-in spots.

Guides to the Flora and Fauna of Monterey

If you want to know how to identify that beautiful anemone you spotted or the name of that giant fish you saw hidden back in the cave, take a look at This excellent guide was constructed by local divers using photos they took in the Monterey Bay area.

Lodging in Monterey

Staying in Monterey isn’t as pricey as you think. You can find a variety of affordable motels, hotels, bed & breakfast inns and much more. If you prefer a more luxurious stay, check out the hotels on Cannery Row.

View the many choices:  Monterey Bay LodgingFor divers, we particularly recommend the Lone Oak Lodge (831-372-4924).  This small, cozy lodge not only has rinse tanks and drying lines for divers to use in cleaning their gear, but they also offer special discounts for divers.  Just be sure to tell them you want the diver rates when you call to make reservations.  Visit their website at:

Weather conditions in Monterey stay fairly constant. Most days can be somewhat warm in the afternoons but cold again at night and in the early morning. Make sure you pack a light jacket or sweater for your visit.

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