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Equipment Servicing

Gear Repair & Inspection

We service many major brands of SCUBA equipment, with on-site repair technicians to answer any questions. Annual servicing/inspection of SCUBA equipment is a necessary precaution in maintaining your underwater life support equipment and Aquarius Dive Shop’s certified technicians provide quality service with a timely turnaround.

First Stage Regulator $30 plus parts & tax
Primary Second Stage $30 plus parts & tax
Alternate Air Source/Octo $30 plus parts & tax
BCD Service $25 plus parts & tax
Rush Fee (1-2 days) $100
Rush Fee (3-6 days) $50
Hydrostatic Test $45 plus parts & tax
Visual inspection (Aluminum & Steel) $20 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection-Nitrox Premix (w/Nitrox sticker) $45 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection Rush (Same Day ) $30 plus parts & tax
Visual Inspection-Doubles $75 plus parts & tax
Tumble (Two-hour/Overnight) $20/$25
O2 Servicing $60
Valve Overhaul $15 plus parts & tax
Air Fills
Air Fills up to 3500psi $6.00
Air Fills For SCBA’s up to 3500psi $10.00
Air Fills For SCBA’s 3501psi to 5000psi $15.00
Air Fills For Cylinder Above 150 Cubic Feet $50.00
Air Fills For Paint Ball Gun Cylinders up to 3500psi $10.00
Air Fills For Paint Ball Gun Cylinders 3501 to 4500psi $15.00
 Enriched Air Nitrox (Premix 32%) $14.00
Warranty Service
  • All service is performed in compliance with the Manufacturer’s Specification and Requirements.
  • All Services are warranted for 90 days.
  • No refunds for service labor or parts.


SCUBAPRO: “A SCUBAPRO regulator must be overhauled by an authorized Scubapro technician after 100 dives or not later than every 2 years, whichever comes first. The servicing is compulsory to preserve the limited lifetime warranty also.”

Subgear: A SUBGEAR authorized technician must verify the correct operation of the regulator and if necessary repair it, after 100 dives and not later then every 2 years, by authorized experts. The inspections are necessary to preserve warranty claims also.

Hollis/Oceanic/Aeris: “Equipment used 100 dives or less per year should be serviced at least once per year. Equipment used more than 100 dives per year should be serviced after 100 dives prior to further use.” To maintain your FREE routine annual maintenance parts all products must be inspected and/or serviced annually by an authorized Hollis, Oceanic, and or an Aeris Service Technician.

Aqualung/Apek: “You must obtain factory prescribed service for your regulator at least once a year from an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer, regardless of the amount of use it has received. Your regulator may require this service more frequently, depending on the amount of use it receives and the environmental conditions in which it is used.”

**For more information refer to Regulators User Manual


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