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Open Water Diver

PADI Open Water Diver

Did you know that 70% of the world is underwater? Come discover this world with Aquarius Dive Shop’s Open Water SCUBA Certification program! This course will give you basic knowledge in SCUBA diving and upon successful completion, provide you with a diving certification card. We are a PADI 5-Star center, which is recognized worldwide as the premier dive certification agency. The excellence in training standards along with the experience and professionalism of Aquarius dive instructors and staff have created this top quality diving program.  The classes are small, 8 students or less, ensuring that each student gets the attention and time needed to practice and learn all of the required skills.

We normally offer one Open Water class each month.

Upon successful completion you will be fully trained to plan and execute your own dives in conditions similar to those in which you were trained.

For more information on our Open Water classes, click here to read our PADI Open Water course description

We provide a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to students who buy gear during the class, click here for more information.




Schedule of Upcoming 2013 Classes: Classroom on weekday evenings (6pm-10pm), Pool and Ocean training on 2 consecutive weekends
ClassroomM/Tu/Th      PoolSat/Sun Ocean DivesSat/Sun Status
April 29, 30, May 2 May 4, 5 May 11, 12 FULL
June 17, 18, 20 June 22, 23 June 29, 30 FULL
July 22, 23, 25 July 27, 28 Aug 3, 4 SPACE Available
Aug 19, 20, 22 Aug 24, 25 Aug 31, Sep 1 SPACE Available
Sep 23, 24, 26 Sep 28, 29 Oct 5, 6 SPACE Available
Oct 28, 29, 30 Nov 2, 3 Nov 9,10 SPACE Available


The cost of the course is $359, which includes your personal copy of the PADI Open Water Student Crew Pakand covers tuition for the classroom sessions, the pool and the ocean dives.  We also provide the following rental equipment:  Wetsuit, Bouyancy Control Device (BCD), Regulator/Gauges/Computer, Hood, Tanks, Weights and Weight Belt for the pool and ocean sessions at no additional cost.

To ensure the best personal fit, students must have their own mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves.  If you don’t own these items, we have a wide selection in the shop, we can help you select the proper fit, and students receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

Medical Questions or Concerns?  All students must complete a PADI Medical Release form (included in the Student Crew Pak). If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking certain medications, you may download this form and consult with your doctor prior to class.


Can’t Attend The Week Night Classroom Sessions?  Prefer to learn on-line?

We hear from lots of people who want to take the Open Water course, but they absolutely cannot make the mid-week classroom sessions.  Or, they just prefer to learn at their own pace on-line.  PADI “eLearning” provides an online instruction course that you can take in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at whatever hours of the day suit you.  With this course, you will cover all of the required academic material at your own pace and take all of the quizzes and the final exam on-line.  If you affiliate with Aquarius Dive Shop when you register with PADI, then you will be able to interact with our instructors on-line as you proceed through the course.  We will answer any questions you may have during the on-line course and will be prepared to assist you in any way necessary.  PADI currently charges $130 for the e-Learning course and our course tuition drops to $299 for e-Learners.

Sound interesting?  Click on the image below to go to the PADI eLearning registration page:


Private Open Water Classes

If our regularly scheduled classes are not convenient for you, we can arrange private Open Water classes.  This is a more expensive option than joining a class, and the per person rate will vary depending on the number of people involved.  But we will work with you to create a schedule (either weekdays or weekends) that will meet your specific needs.

PADI eLearning is the recommended way for people needing private lessons to complete the knowledge portion of the Open Water class.