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Professional Development



IF you truly enjoy diving and want to share that sense of awe at the underwater world with others…

    IF you enjoy working with people and derive a sense of satisfaction from helping other people conquer new challenges and develop their skills…

        IF you have ever thought of exchanging a sterile and sanitized workplace for the deep blue ocean as your classroom and the sun as your guiding light…

THEN now is the time you should consider becoming a PADI PRO!!!

Aquarius Dive Shop is proud to have been approved as a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center.  We are here to help you reach your dream of becoming a dive professional so that you can pass along your love of diving to a new generation of divers.  Surely there can be no more satisfying experience than introducing a newcomer to the magic of the undersea world.  Then, after the new diver has seen what he has been missing all of his life and wants to learn more, you as a PADI Professional can help guide his development and strengthen his skills so that he develops his knowledge and skill proficiency to obtain enhanced enjoyment from his underwater adventures. 5-Star-IDC-color_sm


Instructor Crossover

The PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program enables recreational scuba instructors certified through other certification organizations to become PADI Instructors. This program acknowledges that participants are already scuba instructors with some degree of experience and teaching ability, so it focuses on allowing them to explore the PADI System of diver education, rather than on developing basic teaching techniques. The course is designed to encourage participants tofirst analyze and understand the PADI System and then work on adapting their instructional skills to properly conduct PADI courses.  See our page on INSTRUCTOR CROSSOVER to learn how you can qualify to join the PADI family.

Status Update

If you let your PADI membership lapse and are no longer in teaching status, it may be necessary for you to complete a Status Update program.  You should first contact PADI Training & QM (1-800-729-2540, x2540) to learn what steps you will need to take to regain teaching status.  Each case is different, based largely on how long you have been out of teaching status, so you will need to obtain instructions directly from PADI Training & QM on how you need to proceed.  If a Status Update program is in order, they will advise us on precisely what material needs to be covered in order to help you regain teaching status.  Information on this program is contained in our page on STATUS UPDATE.


Aquarius Dive Shop is located only minutes from some of the most fabulous diving in the world.  When you take your IDC in Monterey with Aquarius Dive Shop, you will spend more time in the ocean actually diving, receiving hands-on experience in conducting open water training.  Classroom lectures are a poor substitute for the real thing!  And the real thing is what you’ll receive during your IDC at Aquarius Dive Shop.


We have arrangements with local motels  which can help you obtain lodging within walking distance of our pool and classroom facilities.  Special student rates are available at a cost which will surprise you.