We are open! Please see COVID19 Page for more information.

Hello Everyone,

We hope everyone has been staying healthy with this shelter in place. In exciting news, we have been given the green light to resume in store operations. We ask that you wear a mask while inside and continue to practice social distancing. We are only allowed a limited number of customers in the store at a given time so please be patient with us.

As many of you are probably aware, diving has been permitted through this shelter in place, as long as social distancing is practiced topside. We are currently running tours and have resumed our courses as of 6/15. We have procedures in place with our dive masters and instructors to ensure safe COVID19 and SCUBA practices while topside. If you are concerned with interacting with individuals from various households, please ask about private tours and courses to minimize these interactions.

Our dive club, Underwater Voyagers will resume club dives on 6/17 - but with a few changes to ensure safe health practices. For the calendar of socially distanced club dives, please join the club or check your email for our most recent email. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or a call. We look forward to seeing everyone in the coming days and weeks.


Aquarius Dive Shop