Equipment Service

We service the following brands of SCUBA equipment: Scubapro, Aqualung, Atomic, U.S. Divers, Aeris, Apeks,  Hollis, Oceanic, Seaquest, Sherwood, Subgear and XS Scuba. We do not provide service for Poseidon, Mares or Cressi equipment. All of our equipment servicing is done in-house, with a two week turnaround. If you need your gear done sooner, we do offer rush orders as well. As a reminder, annual servicing of SCUBA equipment is necessary in order to maintain its function.


Regulators and BCD’S


First Stage Regulator

$40 plus parts & tax

Primary Second Stage

$30 plus parts & tax

Alternate Air Source/Octo

$30 plus parts & tax

BCD Service

$25 plus parts & tax

Rush Fee




Hydrostatic Test

$60 plus parts & tax

Visual inspection (Aluminum & Steel)


 plus parts & tax

Visual Inspection Rush (Same Day )

$30 plus parts & tax

Visual Inspection-Doubles(includes doubles breakdown)

$75 plus parts & tax



O2 Servicing


Valve Overhaul

$15 plus parts & tax

Air Fills


Air Fills up to 3500psi


Air Fills For SCBA’s & Paint Ball Gun Cylinders up to 4500psi


Air Fills For Cylinder Above 150 Cubic Feet


Enriched Air Nitrox (Premix 32%)




Drysuit Service Prices
Inlet Valve Replacement (valve pricing not included) $20
Exhaust Valve Replacement (valve pricing not included) $20
Installation of p-valve (if customer supplied) Installation fee waived if p-valve purchased at AWDC $45
Leak/Pressure Test/Suit Evaluation $100
Seam Leaks (per 6”) $30
Polymer Repair (Holes)
Up to 6 holes/punctures
6-11 holes/punctures
12-20 holes/punctures
Latex Wrist Seals $90
Latex Neck Seal (Remove & Replace) $111


All service is performed in compliance with the Manufacturer’s Specification and Requirements.

All Services are warranted for 90 days.

No refunds for service labor or parts.