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Dive Ready with Complete Scuba Gear Rentals at Aquarius Dive Shop!

Hit the kelp forests of Monterey Bay fully equipped! Aquarius Dive Shop offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality scuba gear rentals to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dive.

Seamless Rental Process:

  • Reserve Your Gear: Weekends can get busy! We recommend reserving your gear online or calling ahead to guarantee availability.
  • Hassle-Free Cancellation: Cancel your reservation with at least 48 hours' notice to avoid a cancellation fee.
  • Certification Required: For SCUBA-specific equipment (BCD, regulator, tank), please present your certification card at the time of rental.

Extensive Rental Inventory:

  • Regulators: High-performing Aqualung regulators ensure reliable air delivery during your dive.
  • BCDs: Weight-integrated Aqualung Pro-HD BCDs provide comfort and streamlined buoyancy control.
  • Wetsuits: Stay warm and comfortable in our wide range of men's and women's 7mm Xcel wetsuits. For added core warmth, consider renting a 5mm hooded vest.
  • Hoods, Gloves & Boots: 5mm hoods, 3-5mm gloves, and 6.5mm boots keep you protected from the elements throughout your dive.
  • Tanks: Choose from various tank sizes to suit your needs, including Steel 65s, Steel HP 80s, Steel HP 100s, and a limited number of HP120s. Many tanks convert from DIN to YOKE for compatibility with your regulator.
  • Dive Lights: Illuminate the underwater world with our Light and Motion Dive Lights rentals. Highly recommended for enhanced visibility, especially in kelp forests.

Start Exploring Today!

Browse our rental inventory online above or contact Aquarius Dive Shop to secure your gear and embark on your next unforgettable Monterey Bay dive adventure!


Rental Equipment

Rental Fee

(1) tank Dive Package: Includes everything w/exception of a light & knife


(2) Tank Dive Package: Includes everything w/exception of light & knife


Snorkel Package: Includes mask/snorkel, fins, booties, wetsuit, gloves, hood




Buoyancy Compensator Device(BCD)


Regulator Set


Light (GoBe)


Hood or Hooded Vest








Mask & Snorkel


Weight (up to 30 pounds) $10

Weight Belt and Lead


Tank (HP 65, HP 80)


HP 100 Tank


HP 120 Tank


Nitrox (up to 32%) Minimum 24 Hour notice for Tank Rentals with EAN

Add $10

Drysuit Kit (Drysuit & Onesie) $100