Equipment Rentals

Aquarius Dive Shop offers a full service rental department for your diving needs.

Rent a 1-Tank Rental Package Rent a 2-Tank Rental Package

Rent a Snorkel Package Rent Individual Pieces of Equipment


We stock high-quality Aqualung Core and Titan regulators in rental.

All of our BCDs are weight-integrated Aqualung Pro-HDs.

We have a large rental department including a full range of Men’s and Women’s sizes of 1-piece 7mm Xcel Wetsuits. We also offer a 7mm hooded vest, if you wish to add some more mm to your core.

We carry 7mm hoods in rental.

Boots & Gloves
We carry 7mm gloves and 6.5mm boots in rental.

Tanks available for rent include Steel 80’s (LP and HP), HP Steel 100’s, Steel 72’s, Aluminum 80’s and Aluminum 63’s. We also have a limited number of HP120’s available for rental. Many of our HP tanks can convert easily from DIN to YOKE, so if you wish to bring your own regulator, we can easily accommodate you!

We are pleased to offer Light and Motion Sola Dive Lights as part of our rental inventory! We highly recommend renting a light, as it brightens up the kelp forest, even on the sunniest of days.

We also offer knives for rental. The main thing we find ourselves cutting free from is fishing line (monofilament) - and as many of you likely know, it does not rip! A must-have rental item for many of our local divers.

We often get busy on weekends between classes, tours and regular customers. Therefore, if you want to be sure there is a set of gear for you, please either call ahead or reserve your gear online at the links above. If you have already booked a tour with us, your gear will be set aside as part of your reservation. There is no need to make an additional reservation. As we will be setting aside gear for you if you make a reservation, if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours, we will charge you the full rental amount, as we will not have been able to rent that gear out to another saltwater enthusiast. Along those lines, please understand that gear rentals are for the day - not whether or not they have been used. To make a reservation, please have your credit card available. If you are renting SCUBA specific equipment (BCD, regulator, tank)  you will also need to present a certification card at the time of the rental.


Rental Equipment

Rental Fee

(1) tank Dive Package: Includes everything w/exception of a light & knife


(2) Tank Dive Package: Includes everything w/exception of light & knife


Snorkel Package: Includes mask/snorkel, fins, booties, wetsuit, gloves, hood




Buoyancy Compensator Device(BCD)


Regulator Set


Light (GoBe)


Hood or Hooded Vest








Mask & Snorkel


Weight (up to 30 pounds) $10

Weight Belt and Lead


Tank (AL80, AL63, LP80, and HP 80)


Hi Pressure 100 c.f. Tank


Hi Pressure 120 c.f. Tank


Nitrox (up to 32%) Minimum 24 Hour notice for Tank Rentals with EAN

Add $8

Nitrox (32% up to 40%)

Add $10

Wrist Compass