• Course Director Training Course Prep

Course Director Training Course Prep

Become prepared to attend CDTC!

Prepare to lead the next generation of diving professionals with our intensive PADI CDTC Prep Course which is tailored to hone your skills and elevate your instructional expertise. Learn what it takes to be confident and successful at CDTC from two of PADI’s highly decorated broadly experienced Course Directors.

Course Pricing

Materials & Admininstrative Fees: $599 (plus tax)

Tuition (payable to Course Director at first in-person session): $2,400

Course Total: $2,999

Contact us at pro@aquariusdivers.com and one of our Course Directors, Bruce or Dane, will get back to you promptly.

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The PADI Course Director Training Preparation Course is an elite program designed to meticulously prepare experienced PADI Master Instructors to be successful for the pinnacle of professional scuba diving education: the PADI Course Director Training Course (CDTC). This preparatory course is tailored to fine-tune the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to excel in the rigorous CDTC selection process and, ultimately, to succeed as a PADI Course Director, the most prestigious rating in the dive industry.  This hands-on course includes staffing two Aquarius IDC’s and regular access to both Dane and Bruce.  You’ll receive a continuous and continual customized mentorship program from both of our Course Directors.

Participants in the Course Director Training Prep Course will undergo an intensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics essential to the role of a Course Director. This includes advanced instructional techniques, leadership development, marketing and business management strategies specific to dive education, and an in-depth review of PADI Standards and Procedures. One of our Course Directors will share insights gained from his career in corporate management to advise you how to write a realistic yet aggressive strategic CDTC business plan for success. Additionally, this course places a significant emphasis on the demonstration of exemplary dive skills, role-model teaching presentations, and the development of a teaching philosophy that aligns with PADI's mission of safe and enjoyable dive instruction.

This course not only prepares candidates for the challenges of the CDTC but also equips them with the tools to innovate in dive education and leadership. Candidates will learn to foster a positive learning environment, effectively manage IDCs (Instructor Development Courses), and inspire future dive professionals through mentorship and exemplary professional conduct.
By completing the PADI Course Director Training Preparation Course, candidates set the foundation for a remarkable career transition, positioning themselves to join the ranks of those who train the next pool of PADI Instructors. This course is not just a steppingstone but a transformative experience that propels dedicated dive educators towards a legacy of impact, leadership, and success in the dive industry.

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